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Having trouble with The Game of The Path? Let us help you out…

Good question, we're glad you asked! You have a few options...
Once you have placed your first stone, drop stones on the AI Personality squares to the bottom right of the board to spawn computerized opponents. AITiles
After you have added the first stone... just add more!
Bad luck. That's all.

Silly AI make moves at random, as long as they are safe. Stick to the center of the board and you'll make short work of the pesky little blighters.

Start off with one or two, then see if you can beat all seven for an achievement!
Sometimes Facebook can fail to initialize correctly on one of the players' devices. To fix this, follow these steps on all the devices that are playing together...

Please note that any multiplayer games in progress will be erased!

  1. Start Tsuro
  2. Open the settings menu and click on the trophy icon
  3. Click on Reset Facebook (you may have to click More -> Reset Facebook on iOS)
  4. A message will pop up - tap OK
  5. You may be asked to login to Facebook so Tsuro can reset
  6. After a few seconds a message will appear confirming the reset - tap OK
  7. Close Tsuro
  8. Restart Tsuro and follow the prompts to connect to Facebook
  9. Enjoy multiplayer fun with your chums!
That should fix 99% of issues!
Yes! You can play over Game Center on iOS, and Google Play on Android.
Would you like to see a new feature? Send us an e-mail from the settings menu - they are all added to our feedback list, and prioritized for future updates. We can't guarantee anything, but we seriously evaluate all suggestions sent in to us. :)
Most crashes are caused by a data mismatch (which can sometimes happen after an update). Please uninstall Tsuro to clean out any saved data, then reinstall it. That should alleviate any crashing.
That sure would be cool wouldn't it? We can't talk about future projects, but we can tell you that our next game will Calliope's awesome dice game, Roll For It!
On iOS make sure you are logged in to the same Facebook account for...
  • Your Facebook App
  • Your device's settings
  • Facebook.com on Safari
Are you on an older device? Try switching to Economy Graphics in the settings .
There is a known bug with earlier versions of iOS 10 that will fill games with automatched players if they are not at maximum capacity. To fix this, please update your device to the latest version of iOS.
Something has gone wrong with your install. Try these steps:
  1. Close the app and restart it. If that doesn't work...
  2. Uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

Our bad - we must have missed this bug while testing. :(

Tsuro will indeed crash if you start a solo game with no internet connection. If you are online it will work perfectly. Keep in mind that apps can lose their connectivity if you switch to another app.

We will fix this in the next update which will be ready in a week or so!

Something has gone screwy and you need to reinstall the app.
Feel the burn of intense graphics! Some older devices can get a little warm when playing Tsuro - this is usual. You can stop this by switching to Economy Graphics in the settings menu . There will be a little drop in quality, but It will also make your battery last longer - yay!
You have a rare device that is incompatible with Tsuro's awesome graphics. Please email dan@thunderboxentertainment.com directly for assistance.
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