Roll For It! FAQ

Having trouble gettin’ your roll on? Let us help you out…

Good question, we're glad you asked! You have a few options...
Heck yeah you can! Just tilt your device sideways, to landscape mode, and the camera will zoom to reveal all the cards.
Oh noes! You can change the roll to a tap in the settings. Open the menu by tapping top left, and then tap the cog icon. There is a button that will cycle through the roll settings: FIRM ROLL -> SOFT ROLL -> TAP TO ROLL. You'll be less embarrassed with the later option.
Sounds like you are up against a troll! These guys appear at random and like to annoy hapless humans. They'd prefer it if the game were known as "Troll For It!"
Open the settings, by tapping the little button on the top left of the screen, then tap the big dice icon at the top of the menu. If you don't see any dice options, you'll have to visit the store to pick up some more!
New dice are available in the Dice Store. Look for the dice icon at the bottom of the main screen, or the dice options in the settings menu.
Open the settings menu by tapping the top left button, select the cog icon, and tap the AI settings button until it says "TUTORIAL AI".
There are a couple fo ways you can do this! First, open the settings, by tapping top left, and hit the globe icon. This will call up your online info, and you can chose how to share your code from there. N.B. Facebook doesn't like apps to put words in your mouth, so that won't work... but Twitter, e-mail and everything else do! The other way is to go online, start a game, and press the Friend Search button. On this screen there is a handy button to copy your Friend Code so you can paste it wherever you like!
Use the online menu to start a new game, but instead of selecting friends to play with, just press the button at the bottom of the screen to Automatch it up! If there is a game on the go, you'll jump right in. If not you can start one yourself. Easy.
Bummer. These games will self-destruct seven days after the last move was made, so they'll clean themselves up eventually. In the meantime, why not try an Automatch?
If your device goes to sleep, it will lose its connection to our servers. Sometimes it can recover... but sometimes it can't. The best way to give your connection a kick in the pants is to quit out of the online mode and retry... that usually does it. In the rare event that this doesn't work, close and restart the app and you should be good to go!
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